Thursday, 15 January 2009

This is an acrylic painting on artboard I did a couple of years ago. It was done from several photographs. The painting is done in many layers and glazes.
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27th December. Beautiful sunny day, clear blue skies. Went for a walk through the grounds of Gisburn Park Hospital, down to the river , then up path to the left of Gamekeepers and Fishermans cottages, then on to remains of Motte and Bailey. Very mild but a cold wind. Snowdrop flower buds forming in sheltered lane leading to the bridge and saxifrage leaves out. Watched a tiny Goldcrest bobbing in and out of undergrowth by stream, did'nt realise they went so close to water. All that's left of the Motte and Bailey now is a mound and ditch. Mound has a deep depression in the centre and a steep bank on side facing river. Very quiet, lovely views towards Paythorne

I have two pet ferrets. Eric is 7 years old and has neurological problems that cause him to be a little unsteady on his feet when he is tired or being lazy in the house. If he is outside and interested in something he's okay. He had some unidentified infection last April that led to hind leg paralysis and was not expected to recover. I lost a Jill ferret Poley to the same disease.

I also have a nine month old Jill called Bramble who loves going for walks and swimming. Both live in the house, are litter trained and are very affectionate especially when you have food.