Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter sun

Frosty all day every day for the last few days, I don't mind though as its brighter and dusk doesn't seem to come so early and we've had some lovely sunsets. The ice crystals coat everything like white winter flowers, glinting in the sun and drifting off in the slightest breeze, their delicacy reminding me of the snowdrops to come. Long-tailed Tits have started visiting the feeders and the birds have stripped all the Holly berries already. On these frosty mornings the sheep have taken to sunbathing on the lane in any patches of sunlight they can find, crowded together like holidaymakers on the beach. Missed the meteorites last night - too cloudy.

Even weak winter sun is very welcome

Ice crystals on fallen leaves

Fake Snowdrops?

So much frost it looks like snow