Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bunnies and Bee flies

We've had a lovely spell of weather this last week and its really brought all the plants on. The hawthorn hedges are greening up, the trees leaves are unfurling and woodlands are carpeted with the rich green leaves of the wild garlic whose scent fills the air and makes you really, really, really fancy some garlic bread. The wood anemones and wild sorrel are flowering and their delicate starry flowers nod by roadsides and in woods. I read it takes around 100 years for wood anemones to spread by 7ft so we must have some ancient woodlands in the Forest of Bowland. Out and about we saw a flock of thirty Whimbrel feeding by Bleasdale Cottages and at home we have been delighted by a Bee fly feeding on our Primulas. Every where is full of new life, there are baby rabbits in the fields, ducklings on the ponds and lots of tadpoles wriggling about in the ponds. Marvellous.