Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The unseasonably mild weather of the last two weeks has really brought the garden on. However all the lovely primrose flowers and fresh new growth of my herbs has been a huge draw for all the local rabbits and pheasants who spend the day pecking and nibbling a little bit of this and that  and add insult to injure by then burrowing beneath the roots or dustbathing and piling soil up all over the paths. The Curlews arrived back here March 2nd, we had the first Bumble Bee and Small Tortoiseshell on the 10th and the first bat of the year on 11th which we listened to with a bat detector as it flew round the house. We were late putting bird boxes up, last weekend for most of them but already there has been plenty of interest. The Nuthatches in particular  are hammering away at entrance holes and one even removed nest material taken in by Blue Tits. A lot  of trees came down round here in the winter storms and we wondered if there is now a lack of suitable nest sites.
Rabbit climbing garden plants to get at new growth

Hopefully this box will get used