Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Swallows have had a really good year. We had two or three pairs that we knew of in the barn and now there are at least 40 skimming around the yard and fields. Whether they are all ours or have been joined by other juveniles in the area I don't know but its a lovely sight. They all sit on the cables behind the house, little black silhouettes against the blue sky, tails lifting in unison as a gust of wind swings the cable, their white undersides bright in the sun. The trees and hedgerows are full of berries and Barrie has offered to make me a jam cupboard, as I've made so much  of it and thats only with the fruit from the garden. The garden is full of voles zipping across paths and around planters picking up bits dropped from the bird feeders; they also appear to have a fondness for borage seeds. One lives under the the flags in the path and its very entertaining to leave a piece of toast by the entrance and watch it pluck up the courage to squeeze out and grab it.