Friday, 19 February 2010

Woke up to light snowfall and thick fog, thats gradually thinning as the sun tries to shine through. Just received my starter pack from, who want people to record their first sightings of UK flora and fauna so they can see if there are any changes, perhaps due to global warming. Looks like fun, but I think I might be a fairweather recorder and wait till it looks a bit more inviting outside! Went for a walk around Stocks Reservoir , clear blue skies and bright sunshine though a strong cold wind was blowing, looked beautiful though and it was lovely to get out again. Alder catkins are almost out and some Hazel catkins were even releasing their yellow pollen when I tapped them. Saturday 20/02/10 - Stocks Reservoir was to re-open for fly fishing, but just had an email saying its 80% iced over after the freeze last night and the wind dropping, a big disappointment for all and a blow for Ben and his staff after all their hard work getting ready to open.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Below are a few small paintings I did of the birds coming into the garden over the snowy period, when I was snowed in. Click on the image to view.