Monday, 31 May 2010

Little Owl

Went to Coal Pit Lane last night about 10pm for our usual walk with Bramble. As we were driving down the lane, a small, grey animal ran across the road, looking for all the world like a small grey guinea pig. It then stopped on the verge and appeared to stand up on its hind legs to look at us. It was only as we got closer and stopped that we realised it was a Little Owl. It glared at us and then took off. I had never imagined Little owls as running around on the ground, even for worms I thought they would swoop and grab, absolutely delighted to see one like this. Also wonder if it is where stories of goblins and things come from, after a few pints, walking home with a flickering lantern on a lonely country road you could have imagined it was a Little Man not a Little Owl. Also watched Pipistrelles flying overhead and swooping quite close, lots of moths out, even Bramble tried to catch one.

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