Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Late Summer Walk

Bramble birdwatching Stocks Reservoir.

Sunday was such a lovely mild, sunny day that we decided to have a walk up at Stocks reservoir. Flocks of Long Tailed Tits flew from tree to tree calling as they went, quite surprising as the paths were busy with walkers. Went to the hides and watched flocks of Lapwings circling over the water. Lots and lots of Cormorants sat out on a bank drying their wings and plenty of Canada geese. Even Bramble tried a spot of birdwatching although she was much more interested in a discarded ham sandwich under the hide! Went on to walk at Cross o' Greets, the sky was an incrediblle shade of blue against the grey rocks and russet bracken. Found a very brightly coloured caterpillar which I think is a Broom Moth trudging from bracken frond to bracken frond trying to find any remaining green bits to eat.

One of the Stocks Reservoir hides.

Autumn colours Cross o' Greets.

A small part of the large group of Cormorants at Stocks Reservoir.

Long Tailed Tit.

Broom Moth Caterpillar ( Ceramica pisa )

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