Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Signs of spring

The weather has kept us indoors the last few days but we ventured out for a short walk this afternoon. Lots of  yellow Hazel catkins in the hedges and they release puffs of pollen when flicked. Lots of Alder catkins too but not open yet. Down by the Ribble which is really high there was a small group of Willow with lovely silvery catkins out. The heavy rain has washed a lot of the Wild Garlic bulbs out of the ground and there is a strong smell of garlic in places. In the hedge bottoms there were lots of Garlic Mustard seedlings and the rosettes of Red Campion. Its also really easy to see the places where the deer cross the road as the ground is all churned up with their hoof prints. It was nice to see small groups of Snowdrops too but I don't know if they are wild or garden escapes.

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