Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Weather been a lot milder recently with some lovely sunny days. Went to Beacon Fell on Monday, frogs noisily spawning in pond outside Visitor Centre. Saw lots of Hares around Lower Fairsnape Farm and as we drove back to Dunsop Bridge. Lapwings doing their tumbling display flights and Curlews calling as climbed into the air then glided back down again ending with quivering wings (braking?) before landing. Saw my first Bumblebees today. One looked about an inch and a half long, black with a yellow bottom and the other was about half the size wtih a red bottom. Nice as bees are, the good weather means all the flies have suddenly come back too. Also saw my first two dead hedgehogs on the roads, so out of hibernation, seems sad survived all winter and then run over. Celandine and Dogs Mercury flowering in hedge bottoms and all the tree buds look fat and ready to open. Met one of the local farmers while out walking, has 560 sheep due to lamb in two weeks time over a three week period. On the next farm along they have started ploughing, much to the delight of the seagulls and jackdaws.

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