Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tree Sparrows and Buzzards

We have recently started getting Tree Sparrows in the garden, usually about four at a time. They are quite striking with their chestnut crowns and black cheek patches. We got  a Brambling too but I think it was just passing through. On a recent walk we saw some odd but spectacular behaviour by Buzzards. We heard one calling and spotted a pair, but as we watched more flew in until there were at least twelve all wheeling on the thermals, calling and having the occasional light skirmish. Birds would fly in and then out again seemingly in pairs, so wondered if it was juveniles pairing off. We have never seen so many Buzzards all at once and they looked stunning against the bright blue sky with the sun on their feathers.

Tree Sparrow

Tree Sparrow

Goldfinches regularly visit for Niger Seed

Woodpeckers are regular visitors

Brambling, just seen it the once

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