Sunday, 10 June 2012


A grey and drizzly day in the garden. A pair of Red Legged Partridges have been coming for the seed we put out behind the house, sheltering together under a pile of scaffolding or sitting on the fence. Today theres only one - have they had a lovers tiff or far more likely has a fox taken one in the night.  Feel sorry for the one left behind, is it grieving or full of fear without another pair of eyes on the lookout for danger. We now have three squirrels visiting the garden, scaring off the groundfeeding songbirds. If I open the door to shoo them off they just tripod, paws held pensively by their chests, staring at me like teenagers claiming they "weren't doing nothing". One comically keeps trying to climb a holly bush to get at the fatball feeder, but the branches are too spindly to support its weight. 10/06/12 Unfortunately the Redatart nest has failed, the wet weather yesterday must have been the last straw for them. We saw the male make several visits with food, go into the nest but come out again wtih the food still in his beak. We've looked into the wall and think we can see dead chicks. Hope they try again.

The pair of Partridges

No idea but it was on a nettle.

At last a Hoverfly !

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