Monday, 19 May 2014

May Moths

Up at 5am to bring the moth trap in before the pheasants arrived and the swallows got up. It had already attracted a  blackbird and Stumpy our tailess and friendly Robin who was attempting aerobatics  to catch any I disturbed and scolded me when I took the trap in. Please note I am not an expert and have identified these moths as best I can, if you know I've got any wrong, please tell me!

Brimstone Moth

Coxcomb Prominent

Early Thorn

Flame Carpet

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Lunar Thorn

Peppered Moth

Pine Beauty

Scalloped Hazel

White Ermine

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  1. As someone who is into wildlife tourism in India, it becomes imperative for us to see the world view on wildlife. Your blog does just that. Thanks!