Friday, 13 August 2010

The Glorious 12th!

Walked over Weets from Salterforth to Todber. Weather started lovely and sunny - forecast for sunshine and showers. Saw several Green Veined White males battling and two paired up. There were also several Meadow Browns flying about near moorland path. Very dark storm clouds started gathering and we got caught in a torrential downpour. Just as it started we spotted two foxes crossing the track ahead of us. One spotted us and leapt over the wall into the wood, then kept peeking back over at us from behind a bramble. The other took longer to spot us and we got one photo before it saw us and charged off after its mate. It looks so anxious in the photo. Beautiful long tail. Worth getting very wet for.

Green Veined White Butterflies

Meadow Brown Butterfly (male)

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