Sunday, 1 August 2010

More Hedgehogs

Earlier on in the year I said I was worried that there seemed to be less hedgehogs around than usual, so I suppose it  serves me right though in the nicest possible way that I now have at least three hedgehogs visiting the garden to be fed. There is at least one large one and last night for the first time we had two small hedgehogs at the same time.They fed side by side though they kept trying to jostle each other away and eat as much as possible as quickly as possible. One was lighter and slightly larger than the other. I also found a hedgehog asleep in a pile of bubblewrap in the garage that same morning. After eating the little hedgehogs trundled off in opposite directions, watched one go behind the house and eat fat fallen from birdfeeders, then it had a little scratch and sleep curled up behind house before heading back for more catfood. We still have to leave a little gap between the saucers for the baby hedgehogs to get their snouts under otherwise they can't dislodge the top dish and just round around it in panicky circles till we go out and move it.

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