Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Leighton Moss

Visited Leigthon Moss for the first time yesterday - drove past the entrance once as we were expecting something along the lines of Martin Mere - more of a reserved reserve.  We had a lovely lunch in the excellent cafe before heading off to the hides. Watched Nuthatches and Marsh Tits on the feeders near the visitor centre and my brother got the shock of his life when a Sparrowhawk flew in sending the feeders spinning, though it didn't make a kill. Lots of Redshank and Lapwings. Saw my first Marsh Harrier, I think it was at the Allen Hide. Lot darker and chunkier than the Hen Harriers we are used to around Slaidburn.(Saw two on the drive over the tops) There were several egrets at the Eric Morecambe hide and a Kingfisher flew past at eye level calling. Wherever we went we saw lots of Dragonflies hawking above the water and reeds and we were told there were Hobbys about feeding on them. Bit useless as a birdwatcher as I kept getting mesmerized by the beauty of the place with the sun sparkling on the water and every so often little shoals of fish would leap across the surface of the water after midges setting the water glittering. The sound of the breeze in the reeds was also very soporific.  Will be nice to visit in Autumn and Winter when all the migrants turn up.

Leighton Moss.

Walking through the reedbeds on the causeway.

One of the many Dragonflies we saw.

Redshank stirring up the mud with its feet.

Flock of Redshank.

Several of these were in one of the hides. Totally harmless.

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