Thursday, 16 September 2010

Signs of Autumn in Gisburn.

Still breezy but welcome sunshine with blue skies and big fluffy clouds ambling by. Frank has sown his ploughed field and from a distance it has a lovely green sheen, close to you can see all the tiny spears thrusting through the dull bare soil. Still life left in the old year yet, even though there has been a real chill in the air the last couple of evenings. In the high winds several small branches have come down but nothing serious. The hedgerows are bursting with ripe fruit; hawthorn berries, crab apples, sloes and rose hips. Most of the hazelnuts seem to have gone, either the Jays and Squirrels have had them or someone has collected them, though I would think they'd be still a bit green. Sloes looked very tempting, deep purple black with a beautiful bloom, perhaps I'll have a go at sloe gin. Rose hips were covered in insects, feeding on the soft exposed flesh where birds had been pecking, nice to see them having a feast before winter!  Lovely views across stubble field towards Pendle.  Thought all our swallows had gone as gathering on phone lines at the end of last week and only seen one or two since, but as I walked through Franks farmyard there were lots of them swooping around and in and out of his barn, must be all the flies! Wonderful sight, I'm always sad to see them go.

"Looking on the happy Autumn-fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more"


Pendle looking moody.

Autumn hedgerow

Ripe rose hips and sloes.

Feasting Flies.

Pendle from Coal Pit Lane.

Beech Trees.

Crab apples, the scent from the flowers was wonderful on a summers evening.
Rose hips.

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