Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blue Beetles and Wet Wagtails

Had a walk up at Stocks Reservoir on Easter Monday. The water level has dropped considerably so worried about the frog and toad spawn. Happily we saw some tadpoles swimming in the shallows. Watched a Pied Wagtail bathing by the shore and saw one Willow Warbler though we heard others and a Chiff Chaff.  Saw our first Pied Flycatcher (male) that appeared to be checking out an old nestbox. In the grass by the shore we watched these two lovely beetles mating and wondered if these yellow eggs are what they lay. Felt a bit sorry for him as she just carried on eating the dock leaf.

Pied Wagtail cooling off
Drying out
I think these are ground beetles - Pterostichus cupreus
These are the tiny eggs I saw on same dock plant

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