Friday, 29 April 2011

Spring Wood, Whalley

Visited Spring Wood on Thursday - the Bluebells and Wild Ramsons are flowering here at their peak. We were overwhelmed by the soft scent of the Bluebells and garlickly scent of the Wild Ramsons. The light green of the beech leaves contrasted beautifully with the gentle blue of the flowers and dappled sunlight coming through the tree canopy danced over the paths. Chiffchaffs, Warblers and Jays called all around us and we spotted a Jay displaying high in the tree canopy, puffing his chest out and dropping one wing and swaying from side to side. On the crest of the hill there are mature beech and it's interesting to see how their dense canopies cut back light so much that the rich gound flora disappears.Very sad to see notices put up telling us that the rhododendrons here have become infected with the Sudden Oak Death fungus and so they are being cut back and burnt in the hope the infection doesn't spread to the trees. Went on to Sabden to look for Goosanders, no luck but saw this lovely Grey Wagtail singing its heart out in the trees opposite pond.

Bluebells, Spring Wood.
Ramsons, Spring Wood.
Shows mature beech and cutting back of Rhododendrons.
Grey Wagtail, Sabden.

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