Monday, 13 June 2011


We have two female woodpeckers coming to the garden with one fledgeling each. One is still feeding its chick which looks more mottled and fluffy than the other. The other chick was left by its mum yesterday after she had fed it. It looked a bit lost sat on the tree trunk in the rain. Eventually it had a go at the feeders first pecking at the plastic of the seed feeder, then had a go at the fat ball holder and fell off! We don't think of animals having to learn like we do, but it certainly wasn't coming naturally. It did get the hang of the peanut feeder and was feeding happily till the other woodpeckers showed up and got pecked very hard on the head by the other mum,  who started to feed her chick with the other sat some distance away. This morning the fledgeling seems to have got a lot of confidence seeing off other birds from the peanuts and we have seen the younger fledgeling feeding itself though it is very nervous.

Juvniles have red on the crown.

Getting to grips with feeding itself.

More Woodpecker You Tube Video

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