Monday, 27 June 2011

Evening Walk

It was so hot and humid last night Bramble didn't want her walk until 10.30pm. Took her off in the car to Coal Pit Lane. Nice gentle breeze had picked up and the headlights picked out lots of moths and young rabbits feeding on the flower filled verges. Parked up and walked along our favourite bit with the elegant pale limbed mature beech trees. The air was rich with the heavy scent of Honeysuckle, it smells nowhere near as strong during the day. Absolute silence until two Curlews decided to have a bit of a barney, calling loudly overhead and at one point clashing in mid-air and flying low across the road. Never seen anything like it. Watched the ghostly form of a hare running across a newly mown field in the half light. Lots of bats were flying around and overhead probably feeding on the large numbers of midges, two people and one ferret attract. Bramble unfortunately discovered she could catch the slow moving Toads that were out at this time of night, so we ended up doing an unofficial survey of their population density, 5 in about 15 minutes. Luckily she drops them as soon as she tastes them. Wonder if Polecats eat them in the wild? I think the toads must have been coming out to sit on the tarmac and warm up. Came home as darkness fell about 11.15 pm to rumbles of thunder though didn't see any lightning.

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