Thursday, 5 April 2012

House Move

Finally moved into our new home. Amazed how noisy the countryside is, especially when you haven't got double glazing. The dawn chorus starts with the Robin before daylight and he's the last to finish singing at night and still feeds around the bird feeders when its dark. He's joined by the hooting of the Tawny Owls and the melody of the Blackbirds and gradually the smaller birds join in with little more than a burp from a Bullfinch to the incredibly sweet song of the Dunnock. On Tuesday night it got stormy and the wind set the trees roaring and creaking. Most are Pine and they bend and sway at alarming angles. Th;ere are plenty of deer,  we watched three coming down to the stream  to drink while we were putting up the bedroom curtains. Our outside light is also proving very attractive to moths so I am going to have to brush up my identifying skills. However that would mean finding a book which is in a box of which there are many.

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