Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Redstarts and Jays

The Jays have become regular visitors to the garden, though not everyone is happy. A pair of Blackbirds make every attempt to show them they are not welcome, working together to drive the Jays away. This morning we watched a pair of Redstarts investigating our feeders and then look with interest at a hole in an outbuilding. Apparently they like to make nests out of moss and hair so I think Barrie may be due another haircut later. Driving along in Bleasdale I saw something white flapping in a field, I couldn't make out what it was so got my telephoto lense out - two Redshank mating. We often see Deer in the grounds of Gisburn Park, as we were drivng past on Monday we spotted one by the side of the road  nonchalantly chewing as two men walked right past and never noticed it.

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