Saturday, 9 March 2013

Waders are back.

The lapwings are back! We saw at least a dozen of them feeding on the fields that have been recently muckspread. We also have seen pairs of oystercatchers feeding in the fields too. The buzzards are very vocal at the minute and we often see a pair wheeling and calling above us when we are out in the garden. We keep hoping they'll nest nearby.We heard our first Curlew yesterday, it's the best sound ever, the sound of spring! Barrie has  made and put up some birdboxes around the garden, we've seen the Coal Tits, Great Tits and Nuthatch inspect them but not go in. We've had plenty of sunny and sometimes very warm days when we've been able to get out in the garden  and get plenty done. The greenhouse we got for £20 is up and already has my cowslip, ox-eye daisy, teasel and ragged robin seedlings  in there enjoying the extra warmth. I made some coldframes from old windows we saw being replaced from a house we were driving past and some old bricks that were lying around in the garden.  I've filled some old tractor tyres with well rotted manure and molehills I've collected and can't wait for the soil to warm up so I can get sowing. Inside my broad beans, leeks and spring onions have all sprouted and I have one lonely cauliflower seedling. The leeks are that beautiful vivid green colour of fresh new leaves in spring so lovely to see after the drabness of winter.

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