Monday, 28 January 2013

The longer days are encouraging me to start thinking about the garden and planning what to grow. We will have a go at a few veggies this year but we also want to have lots of insects in the garden, apart from midges who need no help here. If and when we get the polytunnel up, I would like to have a go at "three sisters" planting, sweetcorn plants support french beans and pumpkins or courgettess grow along the ground, making best use of all the space available. Lovely moths  fly around our windows at night so window boxes will be planted up with nicotiana, stocks and mignonette. Looking back through photos from last summer and reading old diary entries made me sketch out these baby swallows that fledged in our barn. There were 5 altogether and goodness knows how they all fitted in one nest. Maybe their parents made the nest so small to encourage them to leave. 

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