Thursday, 4 July 2013

Natural neighbours

The bullfinches have become regulars in the garden, the male guarding the female while she feeds. I watched two males zooming after one female so he has good cause to worry she might be stolen from him. The wrens in the barn fledged on Saturday, there were at least six flitting around the barn. Mum was outside urgently calling. Watched one sat on the window sill , screwing up all its courage to take off, whirring into the trees and then slowly descending into the undergrowth. Next to the porch is a little hole in the wall and we have seen two little woodmice going in there. Barrie has put a wire cat carrier with sunflower seeds in outside the hole so now we sit watching them in the evening. When it was raining hard saw one come to the entrance look at the sky and visibly droop.

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