Friday, 17 April 2015

Butterflies and Beeflies

The garden has burst into life over the last couple of weeks. On April 9th saw our first Bee flies of the year feeding on Primula denticulata flowers and in the evening we watched our first bat probably a Pipistrelle feeding at dusk over the garden. The Peacock butterflies that spent the winter on the kitchen beams came to on a sunny day and had to be released to stop them bashing themselves to bits on the windows - lucky we were home. The male pheasants are looking splendid especially in the bright sunshine all metallic bronzes with bright red wattles. We had a trip over to Bleasdale and watched a Barn owl watching the sunset before swooping off to hunt.

Bee fly feeding on Primula Denticulata

Peacock Butterfly

Male pheasant in all his finery

Bleasdale Barn owl

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