Monday, 20 April 2015

Frosy mornings have led on to sunny warm days and the pollinating insects, bees, butterflies, hover flies and wasps have been hard at work enjoying the bounty provided by the early flowering ribes, gooseberries, primula denticulata, primroses and cowslips. The bee flies adore the pom pom heads of the primula denticulata - I've never seen so many. In the greenhouse, the radishes are ready to eat, the broad beans have been planted out and even though the oriental salad we have been enjoying all winter has bolted it's still edible and the flowers attract beneficial insects.

Comma butterfly out of hibernation and feeding on gooseberry nectar

Yummy radishes

Radishes, broad beans and strawberry plants

Peacock butterfly on primroses

Oriental salad leaves

Bee on gooseberry flower

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