Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Buzzards and Hen Harriers

Really wet and windy Monday, we had to travel to Hornby so decided to go over Cross o' Greets. Flocks of Fieldfares in hedgerows and fields full of flocks of feeding starlings. Almost hit a Sparrowhawk that flew low and fast in front of the car, intent and fierce eyes. Trees mostly shed their leaves now though oaks still holding their now orange leaves and surprised by how many oaks there are. Some of the roads we went on had had very little traffic and were strewn with colourful leaves and yellow larch needles, the rain bringing out the intensity of their colours. Snow must have fallen in some quantity overnight as there was snow on the top of Pendle Hill and snow on hills around  Cross o' Greets and lumps of melted snow as we drove through . On way home just after sunset we saw one solitary Hen Harrier on its own then it turned and flew off over a dip in the land. Then 5 other birds  rose from behind the dip, it joining them, flying together with the mist rolling off the hills behind. By the time turned the car round had lost sight of them in the mist and trees.  Barrie thinks he has heard they roost together communally. Stunning sight. Also saw a buzzard a bit further on and wondered if it had spooked them.

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