Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Frost, Fog and Bramblings

After two days of thick fog and frosty mornings, the sunny days of September feel a very long time ago.  Bright sunshine of Tuesday encouraged us out for a walk in the lanes near Todber. Almost all the leaves have fallen now but this makes it much easier to see the flocks of birds feeding in their crowns. Watched a mixed flock of Blue, Great and Coal Tits which had picked up some Bramblings too. All were feeding in and under an avenue of stately Beech Trees and geting quite damp in the process as they searched for the mast in the long grass. Birds were invisible in the fields until they took off in large flocks, think they were mainly Redwings, though couldnt get close enough to see before they took off. Squirrels were  much in evidence watching us pass below from the safety of the trees. The swaying of a branch in an otherwise still tree gave away the hiding place of one in the crown of a tree. It was trying to hide itself by lying along a branch, but didnt realise its increased BMI meant there was considerable overhang! Noticed some lovely velvety fungus growing on the trunk.

Wet Brambling.

Damp Blue Tit drying off in sun.

Brambling in beech tree.

Beautiful, velvety fungus.

Squirrel trying to hide.

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