Friday, 19 November 2010

Starlings at Stocks Reservoir.

 We have just got back from watching the Starlings coming in to roost up at Gisburn Forest. Please excuse the excess of adjectives, but it was superb, amazing, fantastic. Never mind Autumnwatch and Aberystwyth Pier. We very nearly didn't bother going as thick fog had come in, and we thought we would see very little, but if anything it added to the drama as the birds emerged out of the fog, above the reservoir. We assumed we'd missed the main event as small groups passed overhead heading for the inlet, though even the noise from their wings was quite loud. Then suddenly from out of the fog, a dark mass emerged heading towards us, passing over the causeway like a  living transparent creature, the noise was overwhelming and I could only look up open-mouthed in awe ( not the wisest thing to do, though they got a direct hit on Barrie not me!). We decided to drive back into the forest to see if we could spot the roost, no problem the noise was a giveaway. Starlings were settling into the spruce on either side of the road, individual calls joining into a gurgling roar like a stream in spate - I actually looked for a rushing stream, I couldn't believe the noise was them. Birds were still coming in and jostling for position,making the tree tops wave. We stayed as long as we could, but by 4.30 pm the cold fog was getting to us softies - I don't envy the starlings the night to come.

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