Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Butterflies and Ladybirds

Still not managed to get a holiday yet and not been out for a walk for ages and missing my nature fix. Did my usual route around Gisburn, very hot and humid but the Hoverflies, Butterlies, Bees and Beetles seem to be loving it. Startled a Hare hidden in the grass a few feet away from me so tip toed like a drunken ballet dancer till I got to the gate as scared of standing on any leverets. Lots of Butterflies feeding on the Thistles by field edge. Red Amirals, Green veined Whites and Small Tortoiseshells. Lots of micro moths too in the long grass and I could hear plenty of Grasshoppers chirping.  In the grass by the hedge there were plenty of seven spot ladybirds and their larvae and I came across two mating Green veined whites who kept getting bothered by other amorous males. Everything is feeling the heat, the sheep were panting in the shade and the young cattle that usually love to trail after me, just stared wearily. It must even be too hot underground, the rabbits were laid up in the shade of the hedges by their burrow entrances.

Green-veined Whites mating.

Red Admiral

Small Tortoiseshell

Ichneumon fly.

Ground Beetles.

Dandelion Clock.

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