Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hints of Autumn

Sunny so got up and out early. All the plants are either setting seed or forming fruits, with the Hawthorn berries, Rose hips and Crab Apples well developed. The urge to shout " Stop it, its only the middle of August" is very strong, I still have baby sparrows in the garden and every year summer feels too short and before you know it its Autumn. The crops in the fields are starting to ripen gold and  the green Hazelnuts are looking very fat and tempting - I bet the Jays and Squirrels get to them before I do. There are lots of Sloes too, so I think it'll soon be time to make some Sloe Gin for Christmas.

Harebells are flowering in profusion on sunny banks.

Crab Apples food - food for Fieldfares and Redwings.

Food for me if I get a chance.



Small White

Dew on feather - just looked pretty.

Common Knapweed.

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