Thursday, 15 September 2011

Autumn mists and spiders

Pulled back the curtains to reveal a very romantic, misty scene with the sun's halo low in the sky. After the stormy winds and rain of the last week it was very welcome. A few diseased branches have fallen with only one tree in the field showing major damage, split completely in two, though again you can see where the rot was starting in the heart of the trunk. The fields and hedgerows are ornamented by countless silver, moisture jewelled spiders webs, the world it would seem, belongs to spiders. In the stubble fields, Gulls, Terns, Rooks and Jackdaws are feeding, some rooks always sit on lookout on the fence posts ready to caw a warning to their families, setting off all the birds in noisy flight. On a rotten log there were some spectacular eruptions of honey coloured fungi and from high in a tree overlooking the lane a robin was singing sweetly proclaiming his territory.

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