Friday, 3 April 2015

March winds and April drizzle

It's true what they say about Britain, everyone else has climate, we have weather. Over the last week (sometimes the same day) we have had gales, hale,sleet, bright sunshine and now drizzle. Yesterday was T shirt weather and warm enough to eat out in the garden. Our garden is home to a male pheasant and his harem of up to 11 females. He stands sentry over them as they feed, though he does seem to have an hour or so off in the afternoon and this is when other males chance their luck. We also have a pair of ducks who have moved in, paddling in the bird bath. The lambs are all out in the fields now and were enjoying the sunshine yesterday after the dreadful weather of the last few days. The woodland bottoms are greening up with the leaves of wild garlic and bluebells and the dogs mercury flowers brighten up hedge bottoms. Sadly Bramble our pet ferret had to be put to sleep as she had heart failure that didn't respond to treatment - very much missed.

Bramble, pet ferret

Male pheasants squaring up

Male pheasants fighting

Mallards at bird bath

Male pheasant standing sentry

Young lambs sunbathing