Friday, 18 January 2013

Its cold and frosty in the mornings and recent snow still covers the ground, but dawn breaks with a lovely pink glow in the sky and sunset can be spectacular with a fiery red glow spreading out from the sinking sun. All the birds are getting very territorial, especially the Robins and the Dunnocks who have aerial battles zooming around the garden. We have at least 5 Robins, who seem to have loosely paired off. We also have 5 male blackbirds - up to now I have only seen one female. The male pheasants are starting to develop ear tufts and square up to each other. They stand face to face head bobbing and pecking the ground, poised to leap, making a repetitive curr-a sound. They also walk alongside each other with the facing wing drooped and feathers fluffed up, trying to make themselves look bigger.
We have found deer prints in the snow by the bird table so have started putting out hay and pony carrots. We also put out chopped apples as we have had a redwing in the garden and on Sunday there was a huge flock of them feeding in the field behind the house. Jays come in too but are very nervous staying just long enough to pick up some bread. On Monday we saw our first lambs of the year just outside Slaidburn.

Setting sun, Browsholme.

Looking down to the river near Whitewell.

Pregnant ewes waiting for their hay rations.

View from Clitheroe to Whitewell road.

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