Monday, 21 January 2013

We've had a good couple of inches of snow overnight and its still snowing. Its bitterly cold outside in the wind and its 3 degrees celcius in the bathroom and 5 degrees in the kitchen. We brought the hedgehog in last week as we were worried it might still be too little to survive hibernation. Its been troughing away but stopped last night so we are worried the kitchens so cold its hibernating! We have at least 8 Blackbirds in the garden and 6 Robins and at least 10 cock Pheasants. There are two jumpy squirrels and Jays make lightening raids for crusts of bread they can fly off with.We seem to have lost our Long-Tailed-Tits, maybe the fat balls are too hard for them to peck or the regular visits of the Sparrowhawk have put them off. We are crumbling up the fat balls onto a tray in the hope of enticing them back, although at the minute its the Robins that are enjoying them. The farmer was up feeding the ewes extra rations, they were scanned last week and there are 300 sets of twins and 19 sets of triplets as well as single lambs due in March.

First thing this morning.

Ewes waiting to be fed.

Looking up the field behind the house.

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