Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Christmas tree has come down now and its hard not to feel a little  bit colour starved. Outside everything looks grey and bare and most days the house is engulfed by mist rolling down the hill and laying siege to us for all of the day. Its rained so much the sheep's fleeces are washed brilliant white on top with a muddy frill along the bottom. The birds however are far more optimistic than me, during the day the woods ring with the sweet song of the Robins and the not quite so sweet songs of Great Tits laying claim to their territories. At night we enjoy the hoots of the Tawny Owls and if we are out walking Bramble the occasional mad cackle of a Barn Owl (either that or we have worrying neighbours). Saturday was dry and fine after a misty start and we sat on a tree stump in the lane admiring the sunset. A flock of around 120 geese flew over followed a little later by a flock of starlings, all the birds were heading towards the coast so we wondered if they were going to roost at Leighton Moss. We have a Sparrowhawk regularly visiting the garden, it sits on top of the birdfeeder waiting for small birds to break cover. All the Long tailed and Coal Tits hide in the holly and the Sparrowhawk makes sorties to fly around and around it hoping to panic the little birds out.


Long Tailed Tits

Bramble enjoying some soya milk

This rat nearly gave itself a hernia getting back out. 

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